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Week 1

This week, our students will cook up a variety of delicious and healthy dishes

17/07 - 21/07

About this week's theme

This week, our students will cook up a variety of delicious and healthy dishes

    Day 1: Fruit - Make a fresh ambrosia salad!
    第一日 - 水果 - 製作新鮮的豚草沙拉
    Day 2: Salad - Create a classic chicken Caesar salad!
    第二日 - 沙拉 - 製作經典的雞肉凱撒沙拉
    Day 3: Protein - Fix up a hearty beef burger!
    第三日 - 蛋白質 - 做一個豐盛的牛肉漢堡
    Day 4: Vegetable - Cook up a healthy vegetable omelette!
    第四日 - 蔬菜 - 烹製一份健康的蔬菜煎蛋捲
    Day 5: Grains - Dish out delicious chocolate chip pancakes!
    第五日 - 穀物 - 盛出美味的巧克力薄餅

About the course

Our weekly thematic summer programme is an integrated English programme teaching reading, writing, listening & speaking skill with fun activities such as cooking, arts and craft. 

Course features

  • Each week has a fun activity-based theme with a fun activity in each lesson that students will take part making under teacher's supervision

  • Each lesson is 2 hours long

  • A certificate will be awarded with the total number of tuition hours completed

How to enrol

There are up to 7 individual weeks from 17th July to 31st August​, check out our Schedule page for the Summer Programme class schedule of your nearest Babington centre.

Kindergarten Level Learning Outcomes

  • Build English language foundation

  • Increase vocabulary through flashcards and stories

  • Improve speaking, listening & comprehension through the weekly fun themes and simply engaging in more conversation with students

  • Continue to build on synthetic phonics skills to develop mastery of reading and writing

Primary Level Learning Outcomes

  • Continue with the systematic, structured & progressive curriculum as our regular programme

  • Continued exposure and reinforcement of grammar through writing

  • Creative writing through using different text types to broaden writing abilities

  • Comprehension skill development through critical thinking

  • Enhanced speaking & listening through expanding children's vocabulary through stories and themes

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