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Under the Sea!

「Under the Sea」This week, we dive deep into the ocean to learn all about life under the waves

About this week's theme

「Under the Sea」This week, we dive deep into the ocean to learn all about life under the waves

    Day 1: Students will make a sand dollar out of clay
    Day 2: Students will make a life-size bright red lobster
    Day 3: Students will use a special technique to paint a blowfish
    Day 4: Students will make a cute little octopus
    Day 5: Students will make and paint their own killer whale

About the course

Our weekly thematic summer programme is an integrated English programme teaching reading, writing, listening & speaking skill with fun activities such as cooking, arts and craft. 

Course features

  • Each week has a fun activity-based theme with a fun activity in each lesson that students will take part making under teacher's supervision

  • Each lesson is 2 hours long

  • A certificate will be awarded with the total number of tuition hours completed

How to enrol

There are up to 4 individual weeks in August, 2022

  1. Contact your Babington centre for details on class schedule

Kindergarten Level Learning Outcomes

  • Build English language foundation

  • Increase vocabulary through flashcards and stories

  • Improve speaking, listening & comprehension through the weekly fun themes and simply engaging in more conversation with students

  • Continue to build on synthetic phonics skills to develop mastery of reading and writing

Primary Level Learning Outcomes

  • Continue with the systematic, structured & progressive curriculum as our regular programme

  • Continued exposure and reinforcement of grammar through writing

  • Creative writing through using different text types to broaden writing abilities

  • Comprehension skill development through critical thinking

  • Enhanced speaking & listening through expanding children's vocabulary through stories and themes

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