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Babington's popular RWI synthetic phonics programme.


Reading Skill & Spelling Skill

Simple tools to help you read & spell




1 to 1.5 Hour lessons


3 to 4 Lessons / week

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  • Learn 44 pure sounds

  • Learn sound blending and segmenting to help children read and write

  • Read and write sentences

  • Develop into creative writing

  • Apply phonics knowledge to storybook reading

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Course Description

​Learn to read and write with phonics, Babington's unique RWI programme is integrated into our English Ladder programme.

This programme gives your child 2 skills:

1) Phonics reading skill

2) Phonics spelling skill


​With these 2 skills, your child will be empowered to read and spell unfamiliar words. These skills are tools. In the same way a calculator is a tool for you to do sums, phonics reading skill and spelling skill are tools to help your child read and write. Using Ruth Miskin's teaching pedagogy, our trained teachers quickly teach your child these 2 skills and progressively improves them taking your child from sound to word to sentences to paragraphs. At foundation level, children should expect to see tangible improvements in their reading and writing approximately every 3 months.​


​Babington uses a blend of self-published and Ruth Miskin's official RWI materials published by Oxford University Press. These materials may incur an extra cost. 

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RWI Certified

Our teachers have been trained by RWI experts from the UK. Our teachers are certified to teach the RWI programme. All teachers undergo annual re-training and are monitored strictly by Head Office. 

Clear Results

Our learning milestones appear on after completing every level, this means you will see clear results consistently every level. Not only that, but we can tell you exactly what improvements you will expect from your child along the way.


Children will be awarded a certificate after completing and satisfying the learning objective requirements of each level.

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